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5 Math Websites Your Upper Elementary Student Will Love this Summer

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Want to engage your student in practicing their math skills this summer while also having fun? There are so many amazing math resources out there that kids and parents love. Online math games are a great way to keep them engaged and practice those upper elementary math skills. These websites would also be a great option to use during the school year when students are participating in math stations. Here are my top 5 web pages to keep your learner’s minds in tip-top mathematical shape for 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade.

Price: Free (with options to upgrade)

Best for: Practicing standard-based questions. Prodigy allows teachers to link to the Common Core State Standards, which means that you can help your students practice the exact skills they need at their grade or level. Students love to design their own avatar, and have the ability to battle their friends!

Price: Free (with options to upgrade)

Best for: Fact fluency and computation. While Sumdog is not the best for complex problem-solving and deep thinking, I always love Sumdog to help my students practice straightforward computation problems. Do you have a student struggling with their math facts? This website is what I recommend! Students love the wide variety of games. They also have the ability to compete against their friends. My students particularly enjoyed being able to have their very own "house" in the game that they can decorate with points that they earn.

Price: Free

Best for: Engaging videos about math and also a variety of games. My students have always loved the show Cyberchase which takes complex math skills and turns them into fun, 30-minute cartoons. This would be a great choice in the summer for students to refresh or learn new math concepts. My students particularly enjoyed the portion of the show where they link the math skill to a real-life example.

Price: $$ and must be purchased as a school

Best for: Students who rely heavily on visuals to learn math. STmath is wonderful for students who are ESL students or have trouble reading. ST math prides itself on teaching math visually. Students must try to solve puzzles with the little penguin named Jiji. I have had students who love ST math, and others that find it quite repetitive. Many of my students love having the ability to "beat" the entire grade level game by the end of the school year. Check with your local school district to see if they have a membership!

Price: Free

Best for: Inspiring entrepreneurs! This game is a classic where students will learn supply and demand. I always encourage students to let this game inspire them to possibly open a real lemonade stand during the summer. A similar game to this is a game called Coffee shop. Students can gain skills like estimation, financial literacy, and basic computation when they play this!

Bonus Tip: Beware of websites that look like they are solely educational, but really lack true educational benefits. One website that many of my students love to go to is While there are some awesome math games on that website (like the two games I tagged above), there are plenty of non-math games also. Just keep an eye on what your student is playing.

Want something that doesn’t require any technology? Check out my fractions coloring books on my TPT store. These are easy print-and-go coloring pages that would be perfect for a long car ride activity or indoor recess.

5 Awesome Math Websites for your Upper Elementary Students



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