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8 Division Read Alouds for Your Upper Elementary Math Class

Updated: Jan 8

Do you need a picture book for teaching division? Check out these 8 math read alouds that would be a great addition to your upper elementary math lessons! Some of the links below are Amazon associate links and I may receive a small commission from them.

Written By: Pam Calvert, Illustrated By: Wayne Geehan

This creative story tells the tale of a kingdom where a witch and Rumpelstiltskin try to get revenge with math! This is the sequel to the popular book The Multiplying Menace.

Great for: Learning about what division is in a creative storyline and introduction to the division of fractions.

Written By: Mirra Ginsburg, Illustrated By: Jose Aruego and Ariane Dewey

This book is about two bears who are trying to equally share a snack! This book is a quick and easy read!

Great for: A very basic introduction to what division is.

Written By: Joanne Rocklin, Illustrated By: Rowan Barnes-Murphy

This story is about a silly cat who always wants to be fair when he shares. The stories go over different examples of food and how it is shared.

Great for: Visually showing division with illustrations of equal groups.

Written and Illustrated By: Pat Hutchins

This story is about a group of kids enjoying some cookies. Each time the doorbell rings, they split the cookies so that everyone can enjoy it!

Great for: Introducing division as sharing, and how division can be impacted by the number you are dividing by (or the divisor).

Written and Illustrated By: Matthew McElligott

This story is about two bugs who are trying to equally separate 13 beans but keep running into a problem!

Great for: Introductions to remainders and prime numbers.

Written By Elinor J Pinczes, Illustrated By: Bonnie MacKain

This read-aloud has a cute rhyming storyline about bugs marching in different numbers of lines and how there is always an “oddball” that isn’t in a line.

Great for: Introductions to remainders and using arrays to show remainders.

Written By: Dayle Ann Dodds, Illustrated By: Tracy Mitchell

This is another cute rhyming story about a large group being split over and over again.

Great for: Introductions to dividing by two, and also dividing by 2 to divide by 4 or 8.

Written By: Stuart J. Murphy, Illustrated By: George Ulrich

This story is about a group of kids who go to a theme park and realize that division is involved!

Great for: Showing divisions with arrays and introduction to remainders.

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8 Awesome Division Read Alouds to Read To your Upper Elementary STudents


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