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Do architects use math? Showing your students the geometry in architecture!

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Do you need to teach your upper elementary students how area and perimeter are used in everyday life? Enter architecture. Teaching students about designing houses, rooms, and spaces is one of my favorite real-life examples to show students how important this geometry concept is!

How does an architect use math?

Show this video to your students which interviews a real architect, Jamee Parish, and explains to elementary students how she uses math every day!

What are some different ways that my students can practice this in class?

  • Have your students measure and redesign the classroom! Students love this because they not only get to break out the meter sticks and tape measures, but they like to dream about what they could turn their classroom into! This activity can be done in one class period, or stretched over a week where they draw out every detail!

  • Have your students design a dream bedroom, backyard, or house. Grab some graph paper and area/perimeter clipart to help students chart out how much space they will need.

  • Check out digital games online like rollercoaster tycoon, and zoo tycoon which has students practice budgeting, while planning out a space using area/perimeter.

Do you have any additional resources that could help my students?

area and perimeter clipart for teacher authors of home design

Check out this home renovation clipart set to help students design their own homes!

Architect Clipart, clipart that shows grid paper, computers, and tools that architects use

Need architecture clipart? See this

Where can I find more information on the architect, Jamee Parish, shown in the interview?

Jamee can best be reached at her website:

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Architects, Do they use math to do their jobs? How an architect uses math video.



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