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Goodbye, Boring Math Videos!

Upper elementary math videos that students AND teachers love.

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Doodles and Digits - Elementary Math Videos

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I'm Caroline

I'm a former 4th-grade math teacher. Lover of all things animated and visual. My goal? To make math fun for every student. Even if math makes you a little nervous (like heights do for me), I promise we'll make it fun. Say goodbye to boring math instruction and hello to engaged students!

Caroline Farkas - Founder of Doodles and Digits

4th Grade Teacher - Florida

"Doodles and Digits' videos show math concepts in an engaging way for kids to build a foundation of key math concepts!"

Videos that both students AND teachers love.

Picture this, you get ready to help your student with a math problem and you pull up a video to help. The student is already struggling and GROAN- you get a boring video, a student who dislikes math even more, and a frustrated teacher.


Been there? I have!


I struggled to find videos that were interesting and taught in a way that was effective for ALL learners. 


Standards Aligned

So many standards- so little time! I have you covered, literally. All of my videos are aligned to standards for those hard to teach concepts.

Research Based

I teach in a way that is backed by research. Yep that's right- I am the nerdy person who gets educational journals delivered to her home!

Teacher Created

With my 10+ years of education experience, I have designed every video from start to finish.

For ALL Learners

Math shouldn't be for only a few. Designed to include ALL students.