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How do bakeries use math?

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Do you need to teach your upper elementary students how math is used in baking? Bakeries use tons of math every day! From using fractions in their measurements to multiplication on cookie sheets, a bakery is a perfect way to help your students relate math to real life!

How does a bakery use math?

Show this video to your students which interviews a real co-owner and baker, Wendy, who explains to elementary students how she uses math every day!

What are some different ways that my students can practice this in class?

  • Have your students bake a recipe either together or at home! Have them write down all of the math that they use while they bake!

  • Have your students come up with a menu, including the prices, of a bakery! Help them think through how much materials, labor, and packaging cost.

  • Have students create their own bakery word problems. This can include fractions, arrays, or measurements! Have them trade with a friend in class.

Do you have any additional resources that could help my students?

Multiplication array clipart, clipart of cookie arrays, cinnamon roll arrays, and donut arrays

Bakery Clipart for math careers

Where can I find more information on Bake Me Happy, the bakery, shown in the interview?

Bake Me Happy website:

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