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The Ultimate List of Picture Books About Fractions

Updated: Jan 9

Need a read-aloud to teach fractions in your 3rd grade math, 4th-grade math, or 5th-grade math class? Here is a list of fraction math picture books that would be perfect for your upper elementary classroom! These math read-alouds would be great to teach basic fraction concepts, introduce numerators, denominators, or equivalent fractions. Click on the links below to see the books on Amazon (affiliate links).

Written by Dayle Ann Dodds, Illustrated by Abby Carter

Do your students need help understanding fractions as groups of a whole? This book talks about the number of rooms in a house filling up one by one. This book is great to jump-start a discussion on fractions as parts of a group rather than pieces of a whole.

Great For: Introduction to fractions as a group.

Written by Edward Einhorn, Illustrated by David Clark

This adventurous book is stuffed full with fractions! While you read this book, it is fun to have students write down all of the fractions that they hear and see who can find them all! This book is also great at introducing reduction of fractions and equivalent fractions.

Great For: Identify fractions around you.

Written by Brian P Cleary, Illustrated by Brian Gable

This book combines bright visuals with basic fraction concepts! Students love to look through all of the illustrations to learn more about fractions.

Great For: Learning the basic fraction concepts, introduction to equivalent fractions, and visualizing fractions.

Written and Illustrated By Loreen Leedy

This book is another wonderful option to show students vivid, colorful illustrations of fractions. This read-aloud is packed with real-life examples and mathematical models.

Great For: Step by step directions on how you can make a fraction.

Written by David A. Adler, Illustrated by Nancy Tobin

This book is fun because it has activities throughout it that your students can do to practice basic fraction concepts. I also love this book because it gives great examples of real-life fractions.

Great For: Basic introduction to fractions.

Written by Taryn Souders, Illustrated by Tatjana Mai-Wyss

This would be a great book for students struggling to comprehend what fractions are, or as an introduction to fractions in 3rd grade.

Great For: Fractions in a very simple form

7. The Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar Fractions Book

Written by:Jerry Pollotta, Illustrated by:Robert C. Bolster

This book is not sold directly through Amazon, so you might have to get creative in order to get ahold of this one! This is a classic and can be found in many libraries. It is great because it relates fractions to candy.

Great For: Getting your students to pay attention to fractions because….well candy. Enough said.

Written By: Trisha Sue Speed Shaskan, Illustrated by Francesca Carabelli

This book has beautiful illustrations showing different fractions. I also love that it has fractions written out in word form multiple times for students to see.

Great For: Seeing fractions in number form and also written out in word form.

Written by David A. Adler, Illustrated by Edward Miller

Need a book to help students see the relationship between fractions, decimals, and percents? This is a great choice! I love to read this book when I explain grades and how I get percentages.

Great For: Showing the relationship between fractions, decimals, and percentages

Written by David A. Adler, Illustrated by Edward Miller

This book is full of all sorts of fraction concepts! In this book it has examples of of where fractions are in everyday life, important vocabulary for fraction concepts, introduction to comparing fractions, and operations with fractions.

Great For: Fraction Vocabulary.


Need an activity to practice fractions before or after you read? Check out my math coloring books! They are great for students to work on in between activities or when they first come into the classroom! Need something for that dreaded indoor recess the first week? That would work great for that also!

The Ultimate List of Fraction Read Alouds for Upper Elementary



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